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By Usman on 5/4/2016 7:33 PM

One in four new employees leave before their second year at work. Web-based technologies have completely changed the job search and hiring process. Some companies face employees joining and quitting on a daily basis. Others may remain loyal for the long term - even to the point of retirement. It’s simply no longer a predictable process. Many companies have developed online recruitment strategies to adapt to this change in employee behavior, but it’s not always enough.

By Usman on 4/25/2016 5:01 PM

It’s important to choose a career path before you start working in a professional environment. It can effect both your performance and your happiness. Many times, people seek enjoyment in their work but end up feeling unsatisfied with their daily grind. If you want your path to be one that you don’t regret walking down, it would be a smart idea to take some time and think through your career plans. Here are some easy ways to plan ahead and get started on the path of your choice.

By Usman on 3/28/2016 2:25 PM

Nearly 25% of the active population suffers from some type of transition annually. Turnover is expensive, so it is important to support new employees with a comprehensive onboarding to ensure your success.

Now what is Onboarding?

It is the process by which new hires adjust to the social aspects and performance of their jobs quickly and smoothly, and learn the attitudes, knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to function effectively within an organization.

By Usman on 3/16/2016 8:11 PM

Provitrac’s Cloud based Applicant Tracking System and Recruiting Software allow you to access and manage from anywhere. Using Provitrac web based ATS means, you will never have to install a software on your machine locally or upgrading any hardware and that you will never have to worry if your data is safe or your systems are up and running. Provitrac will take care for all of this. Our applicant tracking system make it easier for users to login start their hiring process.

By Usman on 2/18/2016 3:21 PM

Onboarding is an HR course of action that consists of all the necessary procedures to acquire a new employee on board with every little thing that occurs in a corporation. An effective onboarding process ensures that the new employees of an organization start contributing to its profitability as early as possible. The characteristics of onboarding exercise tends to differ across companies. However, the advancement in information technology has changed the way of choosing new workers in different companies.

By Usman on 2/18/2016 3:17 PM

The selection process must be efficient and effective in choosing the candidate with the skills and characteristics desired. Potential candidates can increase profitability and growth of the organization. The automation of the recruitment process has made it very easy. Now a day, many companies changed their manual hiring process for automatic process using the applicant tracking system. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is also called as candidate management system.

By Usman on 2/2/2016 7:16 PM

Finding the right information is often a difficult task and cross matching of information makes it a lot harder. This information is very convenient and accessible when stored in the database server which can be recoverable. A better Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can be helpful for recruiters. ATS System can also be incredibly helpful for small organizations without an HR manager. With these systems it is easier to bring the best candidates for the top of the stack.

By Usman on 1/25/2016 1:28 PM

Companies are investing millions of dollars a day in hiring, when they should focus on employee retention. A group of recruiters are being sent to the front lines every day, while no one is manning the back door. These companies are focusing on the wrong day and lose their personal intention by day things.

By Usman on 8/27/2015 5:13 AM

Salman Can you imagine getting to your office and having to sit at a desk by yourself and compose letters to far off customers using a quill pen and parchment. That would be very time consuming because of all the current technology available. Technology has come a long way. Company employees use computers to send information and speak in real-time with clients anywhere in the world. Computers can track hours, monitor statuses of process and send images of what is taking place in remote locations. Unfortunately, with all this available technology some companies do not take advantage of the benefits automation can provide. Here are four ways to use technology to improve your business.

By Usman on 8/27/2015 5:11 AM

What if you could always hire the perfect candidate for every job? That seems an impossible dream. But what if instead you could attract, screen, then hire the best candidate for every job? Determining who is the best candidate for each job can be confusing and chaotic. However, getting the right hiring software can give you a clear and headache free. Great hiring software can lower recruitment costs, reduce your time to hire, and maximize the benefits of data storage and analytics.

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